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Vox is a native browser voice chat solution designed to minimize the hassle of setting up team communications

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Voxgg is a completely in browser voice communication software.

Unlike other voice communication solutions, vox opperates natively in a web browser. It is built on top of WebRTC, the real time communication package of HTML5. This means No software to download, no server to connect to, and no long term harm from the troll that shares the connection in All-Chat.

No Plugins
High quality

How does it work?

Vox is built to be fairly simple from a user perspective. The Chat page will let you create a new room. Once you have a room, you can share the link with your friends/guildmates/teammates, and Vola, voice chat!

Vox creates peer to peer connection between every person. So, once you're connected, you don't have to deal with the server again.

So all I need is the room link?

Yes! Well, if the room's creator put a password on the room, you'll need that too.

What browsers does it work in?

Currently, Vox only works in Chrome. Most other browsers haven't fully implemented the WebRTC standard, and the missing components break Vox's inner workings.